Basic Limo Models in limoVHAservice.com.au Limo Fleet

LimoVHAservice.com.au have a wide range of colours, Styles and models available from the best Limo Car makers on the planet. Here is a small selection from our most popular models we have available for you. If you have a specific preference as to model, make and colour, please do not hesitate to call or contact us with your enquiry so that we may assist you with your preferred requirements.


BMW Series 7

Source: bmw.com "The BMW Group has a long tradition of creating the automotive future. We believe the best way to predict the future is to create it. With the BMW 7 Series we are creating tomorrow's luxury today. Thanks to game-changing innovations, benchmarking comfort and contemporary design as well as dynamics that are both impressive and highly efficient."

This impressive model from a brand leader is reknown for its excellence across the globe and limovhaservice.com.au is proud to announce this car as a member of its VHA Fleet.


Chrysler 300C

Source: chrysler.com.au "Building on six decades of elegant American design, the Chrysler 300 further enhances the iconic proportions and powerful presence of the big, bold American sedan. A prominent front grille stands as a trophy of American style and stands as a tribute to the stand-apart shape that set the pace 60 years ago..."

This impressive model from a leader in high performance and style, a global favorite and a popular member of the limovhaservice.com.au fleet.


Mercedes-benz S Class

Source: mercedes-benz.com.au "The S-Class exterior design is a union of stylish poise with sporty elegance. The highly-charged feature line, the three-dimensional radiator grille and the innovative headlamp and tail lamps deploying cutting-edge LED technology are all characteristic of the high-tech nature of the S-Class and help to underline its position as one of the world's leading saloons visually."

The long established mercedes-benz brand is a time proven luxury vehicle whose mere presence implies prestige and accomplishment and a proud member of the limovhaservice.com.au fleet.

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